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Life Of Pi Ending ***spoiler***


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Hi, I went to see life of Pi in 3D last week, and I have to say it was the best cinematic experience I have had so far.


The ending gave much to think about, and I'd love to know what others thought about it.

Anyway, here is my simplistic take:


The 'human' story was the real one, and the 'animal' story was a more bearable version to help Pi cope with the harsh reality. Even the writer and the interviewers at the end chose to accept the animal story. 'And so it is with God,' says Pi, indicating that religion/faith is a story that we chose to believe in because it makes the trials of life more bearable. Pi was a follower of 3 different religions so would have known that each of them could not be true, but he made a choice to commit to them because faith in itself was of some benefit to him.


The tiger represented Pi's 'animal' side, which came out when he killed the cook. He spent the rest of the journey, perhaps, being 'tamed' - by God?


One thing i'm thinking about is him mentioning the good lessons his father taught him. the lessons i can think of were - showing him the reality of the tiger's nature, that it is a killer and any soul he sees in its eyes is a reflection of himself (i'll have to think about this some more - and perhaps there is a connection with the tiger not looking back at him at the end). the other lesson would be to use reason in life, and his father's negative attitude to religion. but if this was an important lesson - why did Pi choose the faith route?


Anyway, hope a few people have seen it and would like to comment!



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