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Hi, I'm Kay, and I'm just curious. I come from a fundamentalist background, faithwise (born into an atheist family, but came to faith in my late teens). I was immersed in 'patriarchy' which led to some very difficult life decisions - like home educating, not using contraception and so on. My health suffered greatly and I ended up nearly crippled, and eventually spent some time in a mental institution. Gradually I've begun to reject a literalist view of scripture and have found that I don't want to just reject Christianity wholsesale, but that my understanding needs to evolve if I am to hang on to my faith. So I found this site and think it may well be a good place to explore. thanks for reading :)

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I think this is a very good (and safe) place for you to explore.


There is a lot of information out there on the intranet and books that could totally transform the way you look at Christianity and Jesus, whilst still maintaining a faith.






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