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Mass Killings: Solutions: Target


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I'm not done thinking about the mass kilings and whether there are any workable solutions which would improve the situation. I do have my arguments but will put them aside. I also have doubts that there will be any really useful results in the political discussions and legislative actions. There is little agreement about the way forward and almost no collective will to accomplish any thing that will take work, commitment and sacrifice.


But forward...


Not my favorite opinionator, Charles Krauthammer, sees that solutions may be sought in three areas:

The Weapon,

The Killer, and

the Culture.


The roots of mass murder



The NRA is suggesting a fourth area: the Target.


I am starting four topics for brainstorming about solutions. Please be specific. "Stricter gun laws" and "better mental health delivery systems" and "less violence in media" are not specific.


Under brainstorming rules you cannot attack another's idea. Also you cannot say it won't work because I already said it in the first paragraph above. You can ask questions for clarifications or to investigate intended and un-intended consequences.




If you don't think that changes regarding the Target (schools, malls, etc.) offer a solution please do not post here.



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Armed guards at schools - already implemented in many districts around the country. Should they be paid or volunteer?


How much training? In the first example the guard have SWAT experience.


How should it be paid for?





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NRA recommended armed guards, which didn't work in Columbine, but I think a tax on guns and amunition could pay for it. I am not for it because the people for it take action to cut education and mental health. Armed guards would be another tax on Education and healthcare if the gun, amunition tax is not implemented. I don't think we can ban guns, but rational regulation could be a start. Sorry, I am not going into detail, but the guns bought at gun shows should be regulated, criminals who use guns in crimes can buy them easily on the internet and at gunshows. They should be registered and if stolen the numbers traced. We also need to trace the bullets with markers.

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