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Hello From Florida


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Hello, everyone! I'm a believer in exile in a southern, bible belt town with probably close to 100 Southern Baptist Churches but no place for me. I was raised Southern Baptist, and wasn't encouraged to ask questions or allow myself to have doubts. I had tons of questions and doubts, but I suffered in silence because that's what I'd been taught to do. I thought everyone else knew some big secret about being a Christian that I didn't know. After all, no one else seemed to be bothered by questions except for me. I went to church looking for help (but of course, not asking--just hoping I would find it by accident), but my Sunday School class was more interested in talking about hunting and fishing than Jesus. No one ever shared their struggles or what God was doing in their lives. One thing they did say loud and clear, though--they didn't see how anyone could vote democrat and call themselves a Christian. (I'm a democrat).


Eventually I stopped going to church, but started spending more time reading the Bible along with other books that helped me understand the context of the scripture I was reading. Through this Bible study, I came to the realization that the gospel message was one of love and inclusion, which was much the opposite of what I'd always witnessed in the church. I also read books by Marcus Borg, Greg Boyd, Shane Claiborne, Donald Miller, Rachel Held Evans, and others.


I get so excited about the things I read and learn, and I want to discuss them with the people in my life, but half of them aren't interested and the other half aren't safe. I have come to realize the church (as I know it) is not a safe place to share ideas. I recently sared some of my views with a pastor (about the possiblity that the Bible isn't meant to be taken literally in every case, that it may not be inerrant, that homosexuality is not a sin, and that Christianity may not be the ONLY way) and he basically told me that I wasn't a Christian anymore.


I'm looking for community with some like-minded people...maybe in person as well as online. If anyone is in the Florida panhandle, let me know! I am hoping there is a Progressive Christian group that meets in somebody's home. Thanks for reading, I know I'm longwinded!

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Welcome Indigeek,


Thanks for the introduction Asking questions seems healthy to me. I'm in southern Florida at this time of year and not familiar with your area. Your story sounds most familiar and i am happy you found us here and hoping you are blessed in your journey by your presence here.



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Their fear stands in the way of them questioning their 'truth' and from seeing a different perspective. You have pushed throught that barrier. "Confidence comes from not always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong".


Enjoy your journey and time here.




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