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Greetings From Iowa


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Greetings! My name is Ed Kelly Jr and I live with my wife of 34 years (Rose) and a spoiled ragdoll kitty name "Wicket" in a small town in Southwest Iowa called Red Oak. I am a former fundamentalist Pastor who recently discovered the term "progressive" and I am pleased with the term. Most of my former fundamentalists colleagues either believe I have become demon possessed or a flaming liberal. II have come to the conclusion that it really doesn't matter what labels others place on me- or at least I am trying not to care. The journey to the other side- as I call it- this evolution out of fundamentalism began when I began to read about Biblical Criticism. Yes, that is what started the landslide. My wife has been so happy about my journey- she now confesses that "she knew I would eventually grow out it!" I am not so certain of that! The issue is now finding likeminded people to fellowship with as most of my friends have abandoned me. We are attending a new church- the Red Oak United Congregational Church - a church I used to label "flaming liberal" - wow- God does have a sense of humor! We fit in this Church!

Looking forward to learning more from other "Progressive" Christians and continuing my journey

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Greetings from a fellow SW Iowan. Born and raised in Mt. Ayr. Married a Crestonian. Spent a few years in Creston Community College and U of IA and returned to Creston. Born a non-believer and never converted.


Welcome to a progressive Christian website. Offer much and take all you need.



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Welcome Ed,


From yet another minister that after publishing a book was also tagged as demon possessed and expelled from local circles. While somewhat painful it was most freeing in the long run. I'm certain you will find many similar stories here. Hoping you find this community of much benefit to your journey.



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