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Celestial Torah Christianity


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Hello all. I'm here because I'm desperate! Well, sort of. You see Joseph and I have already had our run-ins over my expressed Christian beliefs and his Progressive Christian ones and he decided I wasn't fit for Progressive Christians to hear and banned me. But always with a warm smile as he used his authority to stop the free expression of another Christian point of view so that your PC forums won't be upset with the likes of a Gnostic Christian visionary like me. I expect Joseph to step in again to protect you all against subversive Christian ideas but as I say, I'm desperate, because God has given me this incredible new yet very old historical information that anchors Christianity to the heavens where no man can touch it's meaning now known and stabilized for over 4000 years. I have to share this new news because it changes everything about how we Christians believe in God and the Spirit of Christ by removing the man-made artifices from the eternal Message written in the sky for our guidance on earth.


You see, "As Above, So Below", astrology or as it being called these days, "astro-theology", is actually the root of our Christian religion and concept of the Messiah-Christ and I've rounded up the historical information that shows this clearly. But since I am not Bishop Spong or have any official Church position to be defrocked from or any degrees in theology to impress publishers nor the money to publish a new book that must be full of images to convey the meaning, I do what I can to spread the New News God has directed me to plus the spiritual visions that have accompanied my 33 year walk with God. And what i can do is join internet religious forum discussions like this one but as every prophesy bearer quickly learns, few want to hear anything new that upsets their already established beliefs and thus whenever I post my new material it isn't too long before the forum owners and their monitors start censoring my posts and banish me. Because they don't want to hear what God has taught me and told me to share.


Christian forums are the most intolerant but I am hoping Progressive Christians won't be that way although I have to convince Joseph to be tolerant this time around and let others decide for themselves if the information I bring isn't relevant to a new understanding of Christianity and one that lifts Christianity out of the Abrahamic fold which is doomed to historical discovery debunking most all the Bible myths of origin, e.g. "Moses and the Exodus" already debunked by Israeli archeologists with much more to come as we see with the astro-theology mythicist atheists attack on Jesus as a mere Jewish version of the classic sun god archetype. But here's the thing: I've been given information that provides the reasons why, astrological but still logical reasons, why Christianity says there is only One Way to the Father and why we must be "Born again" to enter into the kingdom of God. In fact, the whole core meaning of the Messiah is revealed now through the astrological information God has led me too that creates Celestial Torah Christianity.


So here's a proposition: Let me post my new Celestial Torah Christianity information and let's talk about it without it immediately being branded personal gnosis or "proselytizing" or whatever might be used to censor this new historical information from being seen by Christians. No, I am not a Progressive Christian and never will be because God put me on the Gnostic Christian path from the very beginning of my Christian walk and it is filled with spiritual revelation and knowledge that I could never obtain from the grasping of professional theologians seeking meaning in texts when they've already thrown away the decoder keys and are relying on a confusion of early Christian voices that even in their times didn't know God was using them as spiritual pack horses to get the Messiah-Christ Anointed One Message to our times. That's the way God is creating a "Progressive Christianity" by evolving the Christ Model, the Humanitarian Man, through the millennia.


Ok, here it is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Link deleted by Moderator - Individual previously banned from this site) from a Gnostic Jewish Christian religious visionary. I am happy to share this information with you all and hope a most lively discussion will ensue because this is the real stuff of religious change that cannot ever be accomplished by intellectual effort as John's Jesus pointed out. "Without Signs and wonders" no one will really believe. And please remember: I am a Gnostic Christian who follows the Solitary Path so while I freely claim to be a prophesy bearer in the old time Jewish tradition because that's what I am and would be a liar if I told you I didn't get prophetic spiritual visions, I do not expect anyone to take my words and findings with any more authority than they would reading a book about something, i.e., there's no demand for belief other than using one's critical reasoning powers to judge anything new. But I trust God and I know that Celestial Torah Christianity is the way God is going to save and expand the Christian movement in the face of the End Times of all religions basing themselves on the Abrahamic myths.

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Knowing Joseph and the other moderators on this site, I doubt very much you were banned because Joseph (or any other moderator for that matter) thought you weren't fit for PCs to hear. Similarly, without knowing the exact circumstances I am confident that Joseph wouldn't use his authority in such a way simply so our PC forums wouldn't be upset with the likes of you and the free expression of your point of view. I for one am quite happy to be upset by another person who holds the one and only truth as revealed directly to him by the one and only true God. In fact, I have communicated with several of these people over the years, and I always find their views......interesting.


Personally I have no issue with you posting your beliefs, providing you post in accordance with the guidelines of this community. Should I or others wish to read, consider, and/or debate your beliefs, then we will I guess.


But as a suggesstion, one can easily obtain a free web site and blog these days - have you considered setting up your own website and forum with your own rules and with you as your own moderator, whereby you are free to share this message with all and sundry whom may wish to read about it?





PS - Maybe I do seem a bit facetious in my opening. I am partial to this forum, its members and what it has offered me in the past and what I hope it to offer in the future. Somebody coming on here telling us we all have it so wrong and that we need to listen to them and them only, frankly, gives me the willies, to put it politely. As an ex-fundy who has had 'the truth' rammed down my throat from birth, could I maybe suggest to you that if indeed you do genuinely wish to connect with other Christians to help them better understand what you say God has directed you to share, maybe approach the matter without putting down people and belittling where they are on their journey in life.

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History is full of self-proclaimed prophets, some of whom have led people to very nefarious ends. How do you propose that one determine if there are any true, divinely-inspired prophets, and, if that is established, distinguish between the true and the false? Simply proclaiming prophet-hood is not enough for some of us.



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"Skinker"..... Alais ?Waterbear", alias "Sonoman" has been banned twice already and has had his chance in the past to post his views here along with his complaints etc. He has also been banned on numerous other forums and used various other alias's His IP's and new email and username is again banned on this site. His past and present behavior is unacceptable here.


JosephM (as Administrator)

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Joseph...decided I wasn't fit for Progressive Christians to hear and banned me...stop the free expression of another Christian point of view so that your PC forums won't be upset with the likes of a Gnostic Christian visionary like me.


I remember your previous attempts to spread your "vision" on PC Forum, and your only point seems to be that you have G-d's ear and the rest of us are just dupes.


Joseph isn't protecting us from "another Christian viewpoint" - he's protecting our valuable time. Please take Paul's advice and contain your thoughts in a web log.


Oh, yeah; you already have one. I guess the crickets aren't much company.



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