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I'm a guy from Poland, raised in a Catholic family (not very strict). I was an atheist for a long time, now I'm all over the place when it comes to religion.

I had my problems with Christianity, for a long time Jesus was like a warrior to me, decapitating unbelievers, smashing Jews. He was completely enveloped in catechism, in dogmas, in "what i HAVE to believe to be saved", or "believe in that or you will get possessed by sum demons!".




On the one side, I love Jesus, I really do. No to be saved, or whatever (I'm not an afterlife believer really), but because of his remarkable actions and words. He was loving enemies HERE, not in heaven, he was a good man HERE, he was teaching about love HERE...


...and here comes other side, people. The reason why I was an atheist for a long period of time were people. All started way before I discovered internet, with "Sunday Christians" - people going to church, confess, just to go back to being assholes right after they get out. Sunday's church mass is meaningless routine for most "believers". They are born into catholic cogs and follow rituals without even knowing what they mean or depict. In fact, they don't even know what the believe in, never read bible, etc, yet they were very fast to judge people. It was a big turnoff for my Christianity... but you can't really blame them, can you?


My biggest obstacle were (and still are, I don't know how to cope with them) all the horrible people internet contains. People who turned my definition of "christian" into almost an insult for some time. People who use Bible to bash everybody, to threat people with hell, to cut out the context of everything in the Bible and use what has left for their personal usage. Most explicit example, which is almost nauseating and gives me shivers every time i see his face is this guy: the-anointed-one.com/quotes.htm (I hope links are allowed, if not sorry.) Te*tonics guy, known by many different pseudonyms and names. His comments, attitude, celebration of sick ego... and yet he calls himself a christian, I can't get over it. Oh irony, there are satanists who acts better than him towards people. (btw. I think his example shows big advantage of organized religion over religious "free fall" for some people who never had positive christian example to follow). It's very frustrating because Christians have bad name MOSTLY because of people like that.

I believe you can't preach religion, you have to live it and be example of it's philosophy, core values, show people that your religion really can change life and help you become a better person.




"Christian" for me today is not a label you can just pin to yourself, you have to earn it and it's a hard, full time job. Jesus was IMO very explicit on behavioral topics, how people should act to one another, despite opinions or labels. Jesus said he is the way, to follow his example. Acknowledging there is a way, believing there is a way is not even close to walking that way and this is IMO biggest problem of Christians today, especially fundamentalists. Bunch of people standing at the beginning of the road, screaming "HEY, THIS IS THE ROAD YOU GUYS, THE ONLY ROAD TO GOD, LET US TELL YOU WHAT TO BELIEVE AND WHAT TO DO" to confused atheists, Muslims, Buddhists who actually go that way without even realizing it, leaving screamers behind...

I also don't think Christianity is some elitist way to God. I tried to imagine it one day, let's say one religion is true, rest is bollocks. This one God described in holy book, who loves everybody, came to very few people and told them "believe in me guys, kingdom of God is awesome". They were not so convinced here and there, despite looking at living GOD. Imagine, if those raised in Jewish faith, were not all 100% sure about everything... how can all loving, all caring God ask people from the other side of the world to take AMAZINGLY HUGE leap of faith (a lot bigger than, let's say, apostles), abandon their tradition, faith, and go after alien religion?






Ok I kind of overdid that introduction, I just had to pour it somewhere :--)

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I think that we should recognize that Christians are humans like all other humans. Some are real jerks, some are saints and most of us are somewhere in between. Unfortunately, our theology and behavior too often go don't hand in hand.



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Welcome Bearpawss,


Christianity is more a way of life as you say. ( to be lived rather than just a label or preaching). As George said, i think we have to realize that "Christains are human like all other humans" and i would add an evolving species. There are a lot of things we can be upset about concerning the beliefs of others but i think forgiveness is a key tenet of Jesus's teaching. The words "Forgive them for they know not what they do" has been or is perhaps applicable to many of us at some time and some of us even now. We are all on a journey and often at different points in that journey. Sometimes all we can do is our best and encourage others to continue on their journey in which i believe will for the persistant wayfaring one eventually lead to the main tenet of the Christian religion regardless of any labels and that is love for one another. May you find rest, peace and encouragement on your journey as you share with like-minded people here.



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Thanks for replies.


There are a lot of things we can be upset about concerning the beliefs of others but i think forgiveness is a key tenet of Jesus's teaching.


Yeah well, I find it hard when it comes to people like this internet "apologist" from my 1st post, explicitly vile and evil, using "christianity" for money, sheer egoism and mockery of people.


btw. Funny thing, when I was thinking about it and opened Bible, this fragment came at me, srs:


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Bearpawss you speak well. I also feel a Christian does not have to say he/she is a Christian because the demeanor and actions will do the biding. I find many Buddhist are better Christians than the stone throwers. Welcome and feel free to share your thoughts.

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