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Mathemetical Proof-teletubbies Are Evil


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I can't claim any originality here. I heard this from Simon Singh who is a science writer.

Anyway here it is the "mathematical proof".


It takes time and money to make teletubbies so therefore-

teletubbies=time+ money


We know that time IS money so therefore-


teletubbies= money+money or

teletubbies = money squared


We know that money is the root of all evil (ok love of but play along)


so money=evil


Therefore since teletubbies equal money squared then





BTW, you know how some fundamentalists were doing that thing where they were saying if you played certain records--- among them Stairway to Heaven you could hear about Satan. He did a little experiment with the audience. He played it backwards and asked if anyone could hear the word Satan. Obviously it is gobbledegook but if you strain you can imagine it is there, esp. since some people have pointed it out. He asked if anyone could make out anything else like Sweet satan or 666, no one could-- including myself. Then he helped us out, he put these backward lyrics up on the wall and guided us using a light, so that the "words" would match. Everybody (including myself) heard them. He talked about pattern making in the brain, which is very strong and makes patterns if it wants to bad enough.


I'm not sure what this all had to do with the Big Bang (which is his new book) though the top thing was used to show how math could be made to "prove" untrue things. Goes along with our discussion about the difference between fact and truth. The logical is utterly factual but it is not at all true.





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