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Difficulty Creating Account

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I just want someone to know there is a technical issue when creating a new account.


I had some trouble with the Captcha part of the registration process. When I attempted a second time, the challenge question was apparantly changed, but did not display. As it was a different number of letters than the answer to the first question, it was impossible to answer the missing question. Re-entering the Captcha info did not change anything, and repeatedly, the blank question demanding an answer repeated.


So... I had to exit the site completely and start the registration over again. I was very careful to cycle the Captcha until I got one I thought I could accurately reproduce, in order to avoid a repeat of the above scenario. Something I expected to take me 2 minutes (registration) has take the better part of 15. Might want to look into fixing this! I have attached a screen shot.


many blessings,



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Hi Lonnie,


Sorry for the inconvenience. I tried the registration process a couple minutes ago using Google Chrome as my browser and was unable to duplicate your problem. When i inaccurately entered Captcha, it reported the error and changed the challenge question and the question was visible. No one else has reported any such problem and we have not upgraded/updated software for some time. Perhaps it was just a fluke or temporary system hangup? Thanks for reporting and i will investigate further if the error is duplicated again.



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