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Up Loading A File To Resources And Links

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My note here relates to my recent postings for Introduce Yourself. Several people seem interested in the 14,000 word essay or short book that I wrote. The printer/publisher had earlier sent me an email containing the file icon that contains the entire essay. I see something about a 25K upload limit -- I'm not very knowledgable in these areas. If I can get my neighbor's help to send the file of approximately 14,000 words (technicalities up to him), would it thus be available for others to look at as a way of sharing with others? I am woefully computer-naive!


Thank you,

Randall W.

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FILES that large should not be uploaded. Perhaps you can use free storage from Google or even Hotmail Skydrive to store your files. We are interested only in the link address as we do not provide space for large essays or writings on this site


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