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Hello From A French Canadian


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Hi everyone.


Since many years I'm looking for a group where religions isn't a threat for my mental health, where I can find some people who had understood that the Middle-Age way of seeing God isn't necessarely the way God wants us to look for him. I'm a bit tire of being told by priests, religious and lay people that we are too stupid a being to have any idea what God is. I got my own issue with words like stupid, idiot, morron and so on. I can understand that God is too much to be easily understood, but that doesn't mean that I should concider my self as a stupid morron.



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Hi Marko, Welcome to the forum.

No you are not a stupid person or a moron. I find God more of an experience, a mystery, a source of life, hope, and strength. but I could not define God to everyone's agreement or understanding or even to myself. I am happy with the mystery. One thing I do not understand is the biblical description of a God who plans to kill everyone in the days of Noah and then to save everyone by killing his own son to protect people from God's own anger and unforgiving nature and yet God is love. I am sorry if that offends anyone but I truly do not understand it.

One thing I would suggest is just because someone has a title, or is in ministry, or has degrees, does not make them anymore able to define God any better than the rest of us. I guess God being partly a mystery is one way of keeping us all on a level playing field.

If that makes me stupid or whatever in the eyes of others then so being it. They do say one person's religion is another person's belly laugh. That is just life, but I recommend keeping your own counsel on these things. I am sure your just fine Marko. Its great to have you join us.


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