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In Australia in 2003, a little fundraiser cranked up called 'Movember'. The movement calls upon all the men of Australia to grow a moustache and raise money for men's health, specifically prostrate cancer and male mental health. I believe this movement has made it to the US (see http://us.movember.com/ ), Canada (http://ca.movember.com/) and the UK (http://uk.movember.com/).


Well I am participating next month and growing what will be a pathetic excuse for a moustache, and in a shameless fashion I am asking for donations from across the globe (well just about the only people I know outside of Oz are my TCPC friends).


So if you feel so moved by the Spirit, or just feel like donating anyway, please, please do. My prostrate and testicles thank you.


The following link will take you to my Mo Space. I am part of our team here at work. Please select Paul Smedley (that's me) and donate away.


Come Thursday 1 Nov, I will post a new photo of a freshly shaven canvas, ready and willing to create a fundraising Mo, with weekly updates of my progress for your humour.


Please donate for a worthy cause.


Your Mo Bro




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I forgot to mention that donations are easily accepted by credit card and Paypal.


Please remember what you will be doing for international relations also. A donation for men's health and a contribution to world peace. How well you will sleep after participating in this great cause!

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