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Unfortunately our forum was taken offline by a monitoring system at our host that monitors our usage of resources on an hourly basis. It showed we had exceeded our resources.


There was found no overuse of resources and IPS after investigating has us back on line and apologized....



Hello, this is back up and running now, and we are sorry for the issues, it seems there is a bug in the monitoring system that we are looking into now.


Thank you


Rhett Buck

Invision Power Services, Inc.



It went off agian and i recontacted...



Rhett Buck 17 October 2012 - 05:07 PM

Hello, I have cleared this again for you, and put a lock on it, so it should not happen again.


Thank you again





Rhett Buck

Invision Power Services, Inc.



Hopefully that will be the end of the unfortunate events we have had lately... :blink:


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