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I'm Dennis, from western North Carolina in the US. I was brought up in the charismatic movement of the 60s and 70s, but college and seminary raised a lot of questions for me about faith, the authority of the Bible, and generally the ways human beings experience God. I am currently the pastor of a small progressive congregation, and I'm enjoying my life, but I'm also interested in making theological and relational connections with others who are progressive in their faith.


I'm working through some ideas about evangelism and also about spirituality; these are areas that seem to have gotten short shrift in 'liberal' churches I've been part of. I'm hoping there will be opportunities to discuss things with other open-minded folks.


Have a lovely day full of blessings!



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Welcome to the community. Most but not all all here have had the same or similar questions to work through as you have mentioned. I look forward to reading your topics and ideas on the subjects that interest you.


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Welcome Dennis. It is good to have you join us. I look forward to hearing some more from you.

I think one thing that is common with progressive and liberal Christians is their universal acceptance and acknowledgement that we do not have all the answers, only a belief that the journey in the Spirit is worth the taking and we learn from each other. Its a bit like giving everyone at a party a piece of a jigsaw. There are those who just treasure their given piece and there are those who recognize there is so much to learn from getting together and joining the pieces. Welcome to the forum friend.



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