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Jesus Christ Super Star


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Here are two versions. Open a channel and click "Play All" Sit back and watch the movie


Jesus Christ Superstar 2000 Parts 1-20


Jesus Christ Superstar 1973 Parts 1-16



Comment as you need. Be sure to name the scene or song or part on which you are commenting.



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A few notes after watching the 1973 version on YouTube-- not sure if the entire movie was included.

Compared to other Jesus films, this one focuses on the final weeks of his life – and as a rock opera, the dialogue is all sung, not spoken.

The only black actor cast as Judas seemed like poor judgment, though he had a fantastic voice.

Mary Magdalene the reformed prostitute / anointer / disciple, portrayed as one woman, seems to be the favorite way to present her. Her song "I don't know how to love him" is the most memorable music in the film.

There were several poignant scenes, as when Jesus is surrounded with the lame, the blind, and the diseased all begging to be healed by him… he reaches out to touch as many as he can, then cries in exasperation “There’s too little of me.” (We don’t actually see a single instance of healing.)

Another powerful scene -- Jesus in the wilderness, asking God why he should let himself be killed-- will it reinforce the three years of his ministry, or will he simply be forgotten?

The suicide of Judas is also moving… he takes the purse of money to betray Jesus only after the officials persuade him he can use it to help the poor.

Interesting twist on Jesus’ speech at the last supper – “For all you care, this wine could be my blood…for all you care, this bread could be my body.”

When Jesus is arrested in Gethsemane by the Romans, he tells his disciples, “Why are you obsessed with fighting? Stick to fishing from now on.”

Herod’s corpulent body in shorts, prancing around with his bikini- clad entourage as he mocks Jesus, comes across as a bit silly...maybe intended as comic relief.

The crucifixion scene, with its syncopated-jazz background to Jesus’ agonized cry to God, seemed like an awkward finale. Mary Magdalene kneels at his feet, faithful to the last when no one else remains; but there is no burial, no hint of resurrection. The ending left me feeling at a loss.

I should add that Ted Neeley was appealing as Jesus, and the photography of the desert in Israel was spectacular.


EDIT: After thinking further – perhaps this vision of Jesus’ final days could be called a progressive Christian perspective, defining him as human without any divine attributes or power – a completely non-miraculous story. Yet, when Herod is taunting Jesus he says, “walk across my pool, turn my water into wine” as if those things had happened or were believed by many. So it’s left ambiguous, open to interpretation either way.

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About the first few minutes.


JCS 1973

The desert Ruins of a temple. then a bus load of hippies show up with all the props and cast for the drama. Those who are to play the rulers dress in black. From the center of a group hug and dance and after a laying on of hands by fellow players Jesus rises up freshly costumed for his role. This is our story (only the hippies' story?) and we will tell it. A story as old as the ruins. Jesus is one of us. Fully human.


JCS 2000

"HATE" and other graffitti about oppression. Malaise, impending threat of armed rebellion and deadly suppression. Storm troopers chase out the riff raff. From a bright light upstage center Jesus emerges and Judas emerges from his shadow. Perhaps too clever it is to suggest light and dark because the relationship is more than two sided.


How does Jesus arrive in our lives? Blessed by the goodness of human hands or in the bright light of unitive experience. the cross shaped matrix of lights represents in some way the beginning and the end. Within the context of the JCS 2000. From this image Jesus comes and into this image Jesus leaves. Instead of from dust to dust, from light to light.


These youtube clips are fuzzy. I may have to set a aside an evening and rent the movie from Amazon.



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