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Darkwood Brew

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This site may be of interest to some here. Check it out. http://www.onfaithonline.tv/darkwoodbrew/


About Darkwood Brew



Lead by Rev. Eric Elnes, Ph.D., Darkwood Brew is a groundbreaking interactive web television program and spiritual gathering that explores progressive/emerging Christian faith and values. Based on the structure of the Lectio Divina, an ancient spiritual practice developed by Benedictine monks in the 5th Century, and using cutting edge technology; Darkwood Brew explores The Unexpected Love of God in relevant, challenging and surprising ways. Featuring world-class jazz musicians, live interviews with international guests, and a variety of interactive media that allow you to participate in real-time, Darkwood Brew is webcast weekly on Sundays at 6pm Eastern, 5pm Central. New this fall, Darkwood Brew is now rebroadcast with live chat enabled on Sundays at 7 pm Pacific (10 pm Eastern/9 Central). This is Christian practice for the emerging faith of our world today. From the Darkwood Brew coffee house, the stage is set weekly for a hearty exchange of ideas and the way is made clear for insights and directions for your unique faith journey. It’s scholarly, it’s entertaining, it’s fun, and it’s enlightening. That’s a tall order. Grab a latte, get comfortable – but not too comfortable – and join the growing number of individuals and groups large and small around the world who are stirring things up with Darkwood Brew. You might not like it. But, then again, you might.



The Phoenix Affirmations below are a succinct articulation. While not everyone who comes to, or appears on, Darkwood Brew necessarily agrees with each of the twelve Affirmations – or is even expected to agree – they provide guidance for our programming. The Phoenix Affirmations were created in 2005 by clergy, laity, biblical scholars, and theologians from around the United States and many denominations. They do NOT define of who is and isn’t a Christian. They are simply twelve affirmations that many Christians find helpful in their path. A version number was attached to the Phoenix Affirmations by their creators to make it clear that they are not meant to stand for all time, and may morph and change in light of an ever-growing faith. Phyllis Tickle (author of The Great Emergence) has called the Phoenix Affirmations “the most clearly articulated and accessible statement of the creedal and public ground which the emerging new body of Christianity is coming to occupy in North America.”

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