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And Now For Something Completely Different...

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Okay, I'm in a silly mood - did anybody catch the reference in the topic?


I don't know if this allowed or not, so I'll throw it out there and if it is not allowed, I won't take offense if the topic is removed.


For a a very long time I have wanted to talk about spirituality - specifically. So, I have created a new community/forum that is specifically about spirituality (in or out of a particular religion). It is literally brand new, so I don't even have anybody else registered yet. I was wondering if anybody in this community would take an interested in it.


The site is http://onedestination.hoop.la


This is a temporary url until I can screw up the courage to pay for my own domain name.


I'm certain that this community will not be in competition with tcpc, but rather I think we complement one another.



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Hi Yvonne,


i moved this thread here since it is more appropriate in this location as a link of possible interest to our members. Please be so kind to reciprocate and link us from your site.


Thanks ,

JosephM (as Moderator)

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A great big giant huge "THANK YOU" to that who have registered and participated in the forum. Its kind of tough getting a forum off the ground without a ready-made member list!

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