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Laren's Comments To A Fundamentalist


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This is off Brian Laren's webpage:



"I am twenty years old and by the grace and sovereignty of God have been redeemed by the bloody work of Christ on the cross. The reason I write is with concern for your theology and paradigm of who the church was made for and why Scripture if it is exposited and preached in clarity is so offensive to so called seekers and the postmodern movement. The truth is that no matter how much someone tries, unless they alter the Gospel message(Matthew 16:24-26 and 1 Corinthians 1:18-25) in any way, they cannot harmonize the objective Truth with this postmodern or emerging culture as you have put it.



Paul said it clearly in Romans 1:16 by the grace of God that he wasn't ashamed of the Gospel, that is that there was and is shame in this "Good News" but he preached it anyway. He also said here and many other places in the Word that " For it is the Power of GOD unto salvation to everyone that believes". That is that God draws someone to Himself understanding that one sends himself to hell if he doesn't believe the message of the Gospel. There is no mystery in the Truth. God never intended it to be so."





"I think I saw things more as you do back when I was twenty, and when you’re pushing fifty, you may see things a bit more as I do. Thanks for telling me how you see things and for trying to help me out. I appreciate your desire to correct me and help me."



This is great.


Posted by des












© Copyright 2003-2005 Brian McLaren

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My favorite thing about aging, so far (only 37) is realizing fairly recently that my most prized views may change dramatically down the road. It gives such freedom to look at them and to hear others. Perhaps to hold them lightly without taking them lightly. "He's just young" is impossible to explain, unless you just get it. :rolleyes:

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