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Hi, The author of the following book is a Catholic who lived as a monk teaching yoga and meditation. He wrote the book using Christian terms to express the mystical experience.The author lived as a monk and has some refreshing ideas on Christianity.The book is appealing in particular because it explains the Christian mysteries so everyone can understand them. The book evolves in stages as the reader is taken on a transforming journey through the layers of the mind, the parts of the mind and evolution. Among the themes explored are: Christ Consciousness, Trinity, and the Soul. It answered many questions that I had and it leads one to Christian Mysticism. I would recommend Evolution of Consciousness as a resource for spiritual renewal because the book outlines, with specific and practical guidelines, a life any person in the world—no matter their station—might adopt with great benefit. Here is ancient Christian wisdom written so contemporary Christians may understand.


The web site is http://geocities.com/trinitypublishing2004/



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