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I'm Jody. I live in Nashville, TN, USA.

I spent 20 years avoiding any type of church activity after I was asked to leave a fundamentalist church in Arkansas when they learned I was a gay man. I had a dream to be a Christian singer and this was pretty devastating to me on a personal level.


As humiliating as that was, I never felt like I was apart from God - but I did not feel like subjecting myself to any more of that sort of disrespect and scorn. Living in Chicago many years later, I found the book, 'Why Christianity Must Change or Die' by John Shelby Spong and suddenly felt like I might have something in common with the people he spoke of in this group of 'exiled Christians'.

Around that time the book 'The Secret' also came out and I truly began to feel some stirrings in my soul and this was exciting to me.

Now...12 or so years later, I'm living in Nashville, I sing again in our church band and have a few personal recording sessions coming up! I'm a member of the Center for Spiritual Living Nashville, which is a LGBTQI-affirming church and I am taking regular classes and am within a year or so from being a licensed practitioner.


I think Spong's teachings are extremely valuable for people of this generation who feel they can no longer subscribe to the limited and narrow teachings of fundamentalist churches.

I'm excited to become a member of a progressive group like this!



Jody David Lopez-Robinson

Nashville, TN 37013

"Trust God for great things; with your five loaves and two fishes, He will show you a way to feed thousands." Horace Bushnell


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Welcome Jody from Nashville,


And a big hello back. It seems that Spong books have touched many people and we are happy to have you here to join in discussions and our internet community. So glad to hear that most of the unpleasantness you experienced is behind you. I am also excited to have you here sharing, encouraging others and being encouraged on your life's journey.



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Welcome Jody,


I look forward to your participation here. It's great that you were able to move on from the narrow-minded church you previously attended. I wish you all the best.




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Welcome Jody, It is great that you have joined us. I am sorry about your experiences with fundamentalist's but all I can say is their loss and our gain. Bless you and welcome friend.


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