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Everyone calls me The Gunny because I am a retired U.S. Marine. Currently, I am a school teacher and I work with children who have an emotional disturbance. I haave a wonderful wife, three adorable children, and 2 bulldogs.


I began studing the CIM about two years ago on and off. Mostly I was listening to Podcasts that I found on ITunes. A few months ago, I purchased the book and have been studying it daily. I am also a recovering alcoholic and have spent a lot of my time in AA meetings. I have always believed there is a God but have never been sure of exactly what that means. After having studies various religions and philosophies, I like the CIM better than anything. It just kind of clicks for me. What I really want is to be at peace and just comfortable in my own skin.


I hope to learn more as I read the discussion boards.


Thanks for having me,

The Gunny

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It sounds like you have travelled a tough road my friend. It is a pleasure to have you join us. Can I explain God to the satisfaction of everyone or even myself? I do not think so but I still believe God exists, if many times beyond my understanding. I believe God loves us just the same. Welcome friend.

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Welcome, Gunny.


Don't know much about CIM myself (if by that you mean Course In Miracles), but if it gives you peace and helps you feel comfortable in your own skin, without harming others, then I wish you well.


I hope you enjoy it here.




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Hi Gunny,


I have read through somewhat the course and find within it some great personal value. Following whatever leads to peace cannot be far from truth. may this community be of benefit to your journey toward that end. peace seems to me a good gauge of direction as there seems to me to be many detours along the journey.



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Good Morning, Gunny...


Thank you for posting! We have a few things in common. I'm ex-Navy and Vietnam combat veteran as well as being in recovery myself. Spent a lot of 24 hours in church basements! :rolleyes: Whatever it takes to keep me sober just for today. Faith is a journey that unfolds before us over the course of a lifetime. I have deepend my faith as a Quaker by committing myself to understanding God through nonviolence as taught by Gandhi. There's a saying in The Rooms, "Let it begin with me." My Faith and Practice is certainly not mainstream, but my Faith is personal and not borrowed from established religions. I firmly believe that Faith begins Within and does not come from outside. Certainly we read, certainly we share ideas, and certainly we follow our own Leadings. Our Faith Within develops along with an Inner Life that is the Light of God within all of us. As we nurture our own Faith, as we journey the Path to God and our One True Home, we will know the windings, ups, and downs, storms, and clear skies along the Way. Be well along your Path and feel free to share your thoughts as you Journey!


Peace to You

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