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Hello From New Members

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I am George Collier King from Clayton, Georgia.


Actually, this should be a "we" introduction. The wife of my youth (and the past 52 years), Annette, usually remains silent on internet forums.


We both are retired from medical occupations. I am a family physician, and Annette a retired medical office assistant. I still see a few patients at our home at the indulgence of Annette. Annette is largely occupied as a fairy grandmother, meaning granting wishes to our great - and grand great - offspring to the realistic extent possible.


We both have grown from our earlier fundamentalist religious stances to progressive Christianity. I was a Baptist, and she a Seventh Day Adventist. Both of us have had experiences that effected changes in our lives and beliefs.


We have found no church creed compatible with our current positions. On our review of the Eight Points, we felt that we had found a potential "church home".




George and Annette King

Clayton, Georgia , in the Appalachian Mountains

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Welcome George and Annette,


While this is an internet community and not really a church of sorts, i am certain you will find a group of like minded individuals here who place more emphasis on the search for Truth and our behavior than any dogmatic or doctrinal certainty concerning beliefs. We would be most happy for you to consider this a home of sorts and share your perspectives on issues of interest..



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