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Looking Forward To Some Discussion

M. Wolf

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Hello everyone,

I'm really glad that I stumbled across this website. My search for a deeper understanding actually happened by chance; I'm currently working on a graphic novel and when I first started over a year ago, I really wanted to make it a meaningful reading experience so I decided to spend a lot of time researching and I soon discovered how little I knew. One of my earlier approaches to understanding life on this world was through science, and the deeper I searched (i.e. quantum/astrophysics), the more it became evident that there is no separation between science and spirituality. My interests became more focused on eastern mysticism at first (mainly taoism), because I have tried the fundamental christian approach before, and it only made me confused and discontent. But new understandings of christianity have been constantly making its way to me, so I've been more focused on that path recently.


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Welcome Wolf. What a coincidence that you should mention the link between the quantum world and spirituality, I have not long since read Quantum Theology and Reclaiming Spirituality, both by O'Murchu and thoroughly enjoyed them. The deeper we seem to get in the quantum world, the more everything is connected and interdependant. Fascinating stuff. I'm sure you will find some food for thought in here :)





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