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Your Help Please!

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Hi Brad,


Good to hear from you again. Join in the discussions here. i see you are just getting started on your blog. I moved your request to link suggestions here that may be of interest to the community here.



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It's too early for my eyes to focus closely but I don't care for the tiled background. I hope your wordpress theme allows for a Single image which I think works best.


Your choice of song suggests a narrow target audience. Can you define it? Do you have people already signed up to follow the blog?


Will the blog include 2-D and 3_d art in addition to music. Are postings going to include a lot of your writing. Is it restful and will it promote rest in the very reading of it? It doesn't look like you are verbose. I hope not. I would hope to see quotes from many religious cultures which call us to a spiritual and contemplative walk.


Can God be proud? of anything man made? God might be in the celebration of community, in the joy of a resting with each other. in the lamentations of those broken hearted that the church is changing in unknown ways. But proud? I think not.




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