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Finding A Pc Church?

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I don't attend any Church, but if I did it would be with a Church that identified and/or aligned itself publicly with Progressive Christianity. There are some listed on the PC.org homepage, or perhaps you could Google your area and PC.




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UCC, United Church of Christ. Should try them. "God is still speaking" is their "slogan". "Open and Affirming" is code for welcoming all regardless of gender orientation. "More Light" is the way Presbyterians (PCUSA) say it and "Reconciling" is how Methodists say it.


These days I would gather several weeks of their worship bulletin and read the liturgy to see if that was what I wanted to say every Sunday. I would review the hymns/songs. Some pastors post their sermons online. Look for church websites.


Before I ramble on could you tell me what the rest of the title of the topic was going to say?



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Episcopalian worship used to be called 'high' and less strict orders of worship 'low'. Mainline protestants all follow a form of worship order that is similar. There will be the usual or similar call to worship, something that is or takes the place of confession, etc. I have been in worship which has little or no printed order of worship. Usually a music leader or team guide the worship rather than the instruction on paper. This too has its own order repeated every Sunday just not printed. Intellectually I am blurring the lines which is probably not helpful.


In mainline churches, depending on size, the nature of liturgy depends on the pastor and the congregation. It doesn't take much of an excuse for our new pastor to try new stuff although he is probably is getting reigned in privately. Parts of Jesus Christ Superstar for Palm Sunday and a tent and God in white bath robe for camp promotion Sunday. Sometimes difficult to move to quiet times in the service.


I reviewed videos yesterday of a Unity service. Little or no liturgy. closer to performer and audience than participants in worship. Liturgy draws the person in the pew into the worship. But, boy, Presbyterians in particular have high expectations for what they expect me to read a loud. Some confessional prayers read like a term paper on the injustices in the world and my personal contributions to same.


I wish you luck. I don't mind reading the words but some words I just can't read.



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