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Hi From Mi

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Welcome Reluctant Atheist,


I look forward to your questions and the responses received.


I was a fundamental Christian until about age 20 and then rejected it, and now 24 years later I am questioning and pondering 'God', whatever that may or may not mean. I have really enjoyed the forum here - I hope you do too.




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Welcome RA,


You are most welcome here to share in our community and make it yours also. We have no dogma or beliefs that you must accept to be a member. All that abide within our guidelines of etiquette and respectful behavior are welcome regardless of any self label or personal stated views . Hopefully you will find this site encouraging and helpful on your search for meaning and the questions of life you may be seeking.



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I'm a 44yo woman living in the Detroit area. I have two daughters and two granddaughters. As a reluctant atheist I'll probably have more questions than meaningful input, but I thought I'd pop my head in and say hi. :)

Hi from a kindred spirit (agnostic in this incarnation) :rolleyes:

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