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I joined this forum because I was looking for people who had the courage to doubt, to question, to explore knowledge outside mainstream Christianity. And I found that "in spades"! I love that I can throw out an idea, sometimes half-formed, and the discussions can take me in directions I hadn't thought of. I love that the people on this forum are diverse as to age, geographic location, educational status, and belief. It has helped me grow.


I even like the gentle arguments (and sometimes not so gentle) that sometimes lead to understanding and sometimes don't. I'm usually quite uncomfortalbe participating in or witnessing contentious discussions. But, on this forum, I find them to be, perhaps not helpful, but cathartic in their own way. I like how moderators allow a bit of discord. It keeps us all honest.


I would never ever (ever!) condone disruptive, insulting, or vulgar behavior - especially on an online forum. Kudos to the administrators for allowing dissension and for keeping us on the right side of the line between debate and attack.

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I second that, Yvonne.


I find the preparedness to discuss all matter of opinions, in a safe environment, quite refreshing.


I also think 'hats off' to the team that keep this place functioning so well.




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Yvonne is right. Though there has been some contentious discussion lately, even at the most heated moments I have been impressed at the way everyone here has been respectful and not gone for the lowest points.


Good job, everyone!

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