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I just wanted to draw to people's attention that there is a chat room on this forum and it is a great place to converse in real time with others logged in.


I mention this because, although the word CHAT is there in the title bar as plain as day and for everyone to see, I've noticed that a number of people (including myself) didn't even recognise that it was there.


I think it was Yvonne who mentioned it within a thread a few weeks ago, and since then I've had some lovely chats with others here.


It's even got a handy little function where you can leave it open in a seperate screen whilst you contiunue to surf the TCPC website, and if your sound is on you will hear when somebody enters the Chat Room or has sent a message.




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I just want to add about the chat room - make sure no one has sent you a message before you exit the chat room! A couple of times now I've sent someone a chatroom message, only for them to exit without so much as a hello back. I really want to believe it isn't personal :rolleyes: so just double-check before leaving the chatroom.

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