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Spiritual Art


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Are there works of art that speak to you spiritually or are personally meaningful —a painting, sculpture, nature photo?


These images I saved from a couple months ago when a cathedral in Ghent, Belgium, was created for the Festival of Lights… it’s 91 feet tall and made of 55,000 LED lights (yet consumes only 20Kwatt per hour of electricity). This is one church I'd like to go to.






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It looks like cameras have a hard time making sense of the space. Well so do I. As astonishing as the original building.



I offer the following


Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty , one of the earliest earth works, my pilgramage was during the years when it was under water.





Mark Rothko. The Denver Art Museum has a red one similar this with a lighter border. When I stand in front I always get lost in the color. Sensuous.




Anthony Caro I have seen this piece . It shows his playfulness, his sense of rhythm, the sacred play of art.




Sacred Play at its finest - Alexander Calder





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Thanks, all interesting choices...hadn't heard of Anthony Caro before, like his work.


Mary Southard was on the Evolutionary Christianity panel last year - she also does spiritual paintings and sculptures, you can see them here




Below, "Divine Dynamic"



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Somehow this art seems to fit the mood of a huge storm approaching (and Halloween). Marco Brambilla creates video collages – moving murals or tapestries on epic themes, composed of hundreds of moments from well known films. His latest show is at the Santa Monica art museum. One work, "Civilization" is seen here without the 3D effect but can be enlarged to full screen -




To me his vision is fascinating but disturbing (especially with Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" music)... According to curator Lisa Melandri, "You can come at it from a 'wow, this is gorgeous' angle or walk away thinking 'Oh my God, this is what we've become'....The hope is that the beauty can lead you to be thoughtful about the content."

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