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I Feel Dumb


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I know i'm where i should be, but the words used sound so doctorate like. I am excited to understand new ideas, but it also makes me know that I am nervous. I thought for so long these peers where so great, but i couldn't agree on their fundamentals. I wasn't sure what to do, I knew I had my fundamentals and always bit my tongue when something obvious came up. Uh I was so week.I didn't know there was people that could possibly agree with me. I felt alone as a christian women who didn't agree with anything christian. I felt empty and dry.

I just want to bite

I love You Lord but I feel so empty

Why did you write

I feel like a bug you loved but forgot

Jesus made love but we cut it to millions

you say love but you know suffering is blue

you touch the prostitutes with a blue eyed wing

We just need too breath to feel anything

Nothing can give the truth but the liar

In simple terminology, I don't think gay folk aren't biologically wrong. I don't think God punishes. The Lord unconditional love's . He doesn't set the requirement that one must believe.That would mean he's conditional. My Lord is full of love and there is no requirement for fulfillment.

I believe that suffering is all relive vent.The child that is starving is just as discombobulated as the child who had his toy taken away. Its the same type of suffering. We wonder why? Well the reason is we all go through up's and down's, its the process of life. It will never change or get better or worse.It is what it is. I believe that there is nothing you can do to prevent bad from happing to you. through good and bad. It all relates and drives us through the crazy journey called life.

I'm not so scared of the after life when first realized that there was no requirement to make it in.

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there is no cognitive reason to be happy

your breath the wind in to my empty skeleton

lilacs smell so magnificent, reminds me of a clearness when my senses where butchered.

He sucked life and killed the life he created

At least he did the right thing after the fact he blanked out the right thing

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haha boy i must sound like a nutt. well their ya have it. I think if i am asked to fit that shoe one more time,I may bust a move and then yell at evolution I love the blue footed boobie birds. on the Galapagos islands..How annoying is the socialism evolution aspect.. Like we could cross with Darwin. Hitler was crossing species, kinda creepy. But he had the wrong idea obviously. It scares me that Darwinian can evolve to Hitler, in a bad movie. Evolution is great but solecism gets crazy.

why does it hurt

i feel pain

i just want to breath unforgiveness

you think but, then you see

blue but, so not needed

you eat me, then your done

did i do good? i want to discuss love...

I never knew what it felt and what it did...

you are hard ,I hate you, don't be mean

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