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And Lo, He Found Himself In A Really Great Place...

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yes, i feel i'm in a really great place now with my 'spiritual journey'. just thought i'd share.

This comes several months after discovering a 'path' through my investigations into progressive christianity and writers such as Spong and Borg. Here are some of the reasons i'm feeling good about it:


-after about four years without peace of mind, i have found a 'path' that i am happy to follow.


-i have allowed my disbelief in the literal bible and my desire to follow Christ to co-exist without conflict.


-i feel so good after talking about it with several people. the worst thing i did was to try and work things out in my own head.


-i no longer consider myself a doubter. i am no more a doubter than a traditional christian is a doubter of my beliefs.


-i no longer think my version of christianity is 'lacking'; it is just 'different'.


-after being afraid of what people would think about my 'different' christianity, i now state it confidently, have told my pastor all about it and am willing to deal with anyone who has issue with it.


-my wife and i can once again freely talk about spiritual things, after a long while of my faith/doubt being a difficult subject which we tried to ignore.


anyway, just thought i'd share. maybe this can be some inspiration to someone who is finding their journey difficult at the minute.



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Thanks for sharing. It is good that peace has surfaced in your life. It seems to me, Peace can be a guide to show us we are on the right path. Not necessarily that we have arrived but that our direction is sure. You make a good point saying " the worst thing I did was to try and work things out in my own head". Making God into a concept in the mind on our quest is to me to re-make an idol again that will only crumble again as we progress. Learning to live with the inherent uncertainty of the thinking mind in my view keeps the heart open for things that need no words or concepts yet show up in life as faith, joy, peace and trust in the very source of Life itself.


Thanks for sharing and the encouragement you give.


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Your success is inspiring, Jonny. (Maybe there is hope for the rest of us! :huh: )


I think it's great that you have taken a stand for yourself and put it all out there. It must be a very relieving feeling.

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