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Pacardinal Here, I Am Joining From John Shelby Spongs Newletters


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Hello, I am Patricia and am excited to communicate with like minded souls and read the many opinions and thoughts of the Progressive Community.


Born in the 1950's I am finally finding it more common to disagree with many of the Traditional beliefs and dogma of the Organized Church. I am eager to hear new ideas and beliefs.

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Welcome Patricia,


Hope you enjoy your stay. I think most here are in the same boat and most happy to have separated somewhat from the organized church system. After some emotional residue has settled, there seems to arise a peace and joy in the freedom that separation allows. Perhaps that is because it is an individual journey and if progress is desired, it cannot be dictated by any organization/community, even this one.. Support and encouragement is always welcome but in my view, it is still a journey that ultimately each must go alone at their own pace.


Again welcome,


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Welcome Patricia! I am also an old Spong subscriber and usually a lurker But I decided to try to remember my signin(which I remembered after only 2 tries) so here I am. Great interactions here and no mention of conspiracy theories! (We had some people on the Spong forum who loved them)


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