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From A Presbyterian Minister Here In Austin... (Re: Homosexuality)


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He speaks to some current arguments. Especially the irrational stuff Santorum said about California Supreme court's ruling on Proposition 8 which somehow violated freedom of religion. But it should read "the [adjective] Church. Not all the churches are the same.


2. You are not being persecuted when prevented from persecuting others.
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Thanks for posting that, Steph.


Here is a copy of a sermon that changed my mind on the issue of homosexuality. It's rather long, but you won't be disappointed. Interestingly, from another Episcopalian.





Replaced extremely long sermon/post with link.... JosephM as Moderator (Also note sermons and other pieces of work should not be copied and pasted without express permission except for smaller excerpts were credit is given. See copyright guidelines)


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Thanks for sharing that. I'm here with tears in my eyes. What a beautiful story, and a great explanation of another way to see the Bible's teachable moments.


There was a very strange - and long - moment of silence after that sermon. I was in shock. Previously, I was of the opinion that homosexuality was a sin. I'm glad you find it inspirational. That sermon changed my life.



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