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I Think I've Come To The Right Place


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My name is Sharon. Rbefarm, my user name, is the name of our farm business. We do local food, markets, etc..and it's easy to remember!


Anyway, I've been lurking for a few days now and reading and I really like what I've read so far. I've been seeking a place to belong and people to learn from. I know I'm a Christian with what many consider "odd" beliefs...and after reading this forum, I realize that I'm not alone at all. It's good to find like minded folks.


I was raised in a very old fashioned Protestant church called Church of the Brethren in PA as a girl. I was in a more liberal church than some and we didn't have to wear prayer bonnets or never cut our hair...but we did use the bonnets for major holidays, did the feet washing ceremony, etc... Main beliefs were to be very pacifistic, follow the life of Christ and try to live as he did, and baptism by immersion. This church was also known as the "Dunkards" for dunking people three times in the river for baptism.


So I left home like many folks in my teens, joined the Army and met people of all religions and races and realized that things are not as black and white as I was taught. I began to question the "truths" I was raised on and to doubt my faith and for many years denied that I was a Christian. I dabbled with Wicca a bit and still honestly find many of their beliefs more logical to me than standard Christian beliefs like Heaven and Hell...and I definitely don't believe in Hell. I find reincarnation much more logical for some reason than even heaven. I never could stop believing that all other religions or belief systems were just wrong and Christianity was right. It simply did not make sense to me.


Anyway, I recently felt moved to seek Christianity again when I realized that after all these years (I'm 49 in a few months) I still believed in Jesus. I never stopped believing in him. But as I seek and search and try to figure out where I "belong" I realized that I simply don't believe much of what we are told to believe like substitutional atonement...Jesus dying for our sins, being "saved" or born again, etc.. I read your 8 points of what a Progressive Christian is and realize that I was nodding my head and thinking yes...this is what I believe.


So here I am. I want to learn and share. I am grateful to this site for what I've learned so far and hope to find fellowship here.

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Hi Sharon,


I'm happy for you that you found this place. I (and others here) have travelled a similiar path (although at only 44 I am a much younger version :P ).


I left my Christianty behind at 19 and like you, this was initiated by getting out there in the world through employment, and socialising with non-christians, which had been restricted by circumstances in my youth (most of my social friends were my church community - read 'think the same as you do").


I'm not sure what I 'believe' when it comes to Jesus but I am 'attracted' to what I now understand to be his principal message (as opposed to what I had been brought up with concerning atonement, original sin condenming us all to Hell, unless...etc).


I hope you enjoy participating here.




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