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Is This For Real?

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Hey, I just found this board and thought I'd turn you on to something I found a while back.


The author or founder of this liberation movement apparently started developing his message way back in 1982, when Ronald Reagan and the "Christian Right" rose to political power. (He exposes them as the hypocrites that they are.) But he wasn't able to publish his first book and web blog until January 2002.


He's published four books since then, and the message highlights are now available at The All Faiths Coalition for Peace, Freedom, and Justice, which is a portal to the message.


I've looked into it quite a bit, and I think it's the real thing, not "pie in the sky." And, by the way, there's a very good reason why he's so far been "rejected by his generation."


I've found it's been discussed on OpEdNews.com, Huffingtonpost.com, Beliefnet.com, TigWeb.org, and a bunch of others.


The original author is also apparently a singer songwriter, and his songs, written between 1978 and 1982, can be heard here.


Let me know what you think.

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Thanks for the link. While the ideas expressed there are interesting, and I find much to agree with, I don't find them particulary unique or original to that site or any individual connected to it. These same ideas, same ''message" is emerging from within many points inn cultures and societies pretty much worldwide, as what seems to be a major shift in human consciousness taking place. Many are 'seeing' much the same things being expessed on that site.

I am cautious, however, in anything that might suggest any organized, unified coalition devoted to such changes as might be coming about as "an agenda," as something of a "center of operations," or any claiming to have exclusive, unique revelation of what is happening and how to proceed in "bringing it about" because such is how human power and political structures often are born. If what is happening IS a major shift in human consciousness, it is being born within and will emerge from within humanity in may places and ways. Ie, I believe "it" is/will "drive itself", we don't have to make it happen, or cause it to happen, or bring it about...we just need to ride the wave as best we can, each in our own place and circumstances. There are, tobe sure, individual specfic battles to be fought, culturally, socially, politically, individually, but in as much as "the War is on," in sense of a chift inhuman consciousness, we are none indidually or organizationaly in command or control of it.



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I just read a bit further into that site....uh oh...nope, can't agree, endorse, embrace or anything else connected to anidea that these is some certain person that is "the son of man" in some sense of the returning Jesus or messiah or savior of mankind or ancient prophet re-incarnate, or that some one such person is 'responsible' for having delivered this 'divine message' that has and is bringing about cultural shifts and shifts in human consciouness their his/her own efforts and works.......nope, nothing positive to say about what this site is about and promoting.



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