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I need a dictionary of abbreviations.


I was raised Catholic, tried ELCA and Missouri Synod Lutheran, attended Assembly of God a couple times (?!) - now I am a member of the UAC (Universal Anglican Church) - though there is no congregation in my area.

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I was raised within the Churches of Christ Western Australia, left that church at about 19 and dabbled with the Salvation Army and the Baptists for a year (mainly as I was associated with them through sport), and then stopped attending anywhere. I regard myself as having no denomination. I am now nearly 44.

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Presently, i don't belong to any denomination or church. I still hold current (2012) ordination (Rev) papers through a non-denominational Ministerial Association renewed by them annually since 1980. As of yet they haven't seen fit to revoke my license which i am certain they would if they read my books or re-interviewed me as i do not believe i would meet their standards.



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I have never been christened or baptised but regularly had to attend my local Anglican church through my youth. These days I attend my local Prezzie church, which is odd, because 90% of the people there are literalists. I think I've stayed at this one because the people are good sorts and the leader of the ministry team seems to hold views similar to my own (in private at least!).





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