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Introduction Of Eldred Nwabufo

Eldred Nwabufo

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My name is Eldred Nwabufo. I'm 59 years old and a Nigerian. I worked in the Oil & Gas industry of our country. I had my experience in operations and HSE and worked for 30 years after graduation. I read Chemistry in University of Nigerian. One can say I'm a home grown product.

I am married with 2 kids a boy (22) and a girl (19). I am a christian of the anglican denomination. and I like openness.

I got into the forum following Bishop Spong. I was subscribed to the newsletter since 2005 or there abouts but got lost as he transferred to TCPC due to credit card tranfer issues. Only resolved recently.

I enjoyed reading the articles all the time I was subscribed. It helped me alot to put matters about life, in perspective. I feel more wholesome as a result of the interaction I have enjoyed by coming into contact with the Bishop. I'm looking forward to expand it this time around and drink deeper still. Seems I have covered the essential jist I'll like to share.




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