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Holy Week Homily

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I am a vocationsl deacon in the anglican church of canada. (ordained in my mid 60s - now in my 70s).


Having read a number of Bishop Spong's books I am now struggling with how to express my thougts and beliefs.


I very seldom have to deliever a homily but I do have prepare a short homily for a mid-week service on the Wednesday of Hol;y Week. The readings for that day are: Is 50:4-9a & John 13:21-32.


I would appreciate some sources that would help me prepare based on the thinking of Bishop Spong.


Thanks, Alan

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I guess you will have read Bishop Spong's Resurrection: Myth or Reality? He covers the Last Supper in Chaoer 16. I imagine discussing the reading from John as midrash on Zecchariah then relating it to current issues could make an interesting homily. These days many feel btrayed by politicians, bankers and business people. How have we aided and abetted this betrayal? Why?


Does this help or hinder?


Best wishes for Holy Wednesday. —Jim

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