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Refugee From The Roman Catholic Church


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Hi, I am a refugee from the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church, I will not hide the fact that I am now Atheist. If that is offensive to this board, tell me and I will depart.


I am not here to proselytize.I was a Roman Catholic for 30 years ane became Atheist 40 years ago. I was born into a Roman Catholic family. My mother was very bigoted and made my life hell. I suffered 12 years of my youth at a Jesuit "concentration camp", Xavier College in Melbourne, Australia, I never really believed Roman Catholic doctrine, but put up with Roman Catholicism for 30 years for the sake of my family. Then I stated that I was leaving the Church because my study of Science convinced me that there is no "god".


I have a lot of respect for Bishop John Shelby Spong and have his writings and videos. I can't understand why he has not become Atheist or Agnostic, but that is his business. I like the way he questions the Bible. There is so much contradiction and fiction in it, I consider it the worst book of fiction ever written.


I am well read in the Bible. I have a very good knowledge of JudeoChristianity and it's origins. I know about the foundation of Roman Catholicism. I am here to further my knowledge in matters of Religion, not to reconvert, but to confirm my beliefs.

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I am here to further my knowledge in matters of Religion, not to reconvert, but to confirm my beliefs.


Welcome, I look forward to your participation. But, I don' know that it will "confirm" your beliefs. There is a wide variety of beliefs and perspectives expressed here.



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Of course you are welcome here and free to believe as you choose. There are others here who identify as you. Participate and enjoy the discussions always but of course with our guidelines and etiquette in mind.


As you i was also raised in the Roman Catholic church. Of course, i have long since left that go, as a feather in the wind and wish all who still abide there my best wishes in their journey.



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Hi Eccles, Welcome.

If I felt the only way to believe in God was that of the bible's description alone then I would be an athiest or an agnostic too. I just sense something more than that and that is my experience.

Feel at ease. It is common for liberal and progressive Christian's not to insist that you must think all alike. Welcome friend.

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