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I'll Try To Be Brief


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I'll save the full, lengthy story for the personal stories forum, when I have time to type the whole thing. But last week I finished a wonderful book called Being Wrong, which, among other things, describes what happens to people when they discover that they have been wrong about the big stuff, their worldview or whatever.


Ironically, the book perfectly described the existential / faith / identity crisis that it triggered in me.


My wife is going through a similar, though not identical crisis. So we're on an interesting, exciting, scary journey together.


For years, as I tried to find my way within the Christian faith, I've told myself and a few people I trusted that I was always wavering between heresy and apostasy. Now it feels much more like the latter.


I'm not yet sure that "progressive Christian" is what I am, or will be, but it may be close. At the least, there seem to be people here who could understand where I'm at.


So, um, hi. Thanks for having this site up so that I could find it and feel a little less alone even if I'm not yet sure where I'll end up.

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Cymboljack, you wrote; At the least, there seem to be people here who could understand where I'm at


Yeah, I think you could say that's pretty well beaten path to where many of us are and how we got here. :rolleyes:





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Welcome Cymbaljack, heresy and apostasy are just words (IMO) that some use to describe those who have a differing point of view from that of organised religion. I personally believe there is as many forms of Christians as there are Christians. I know the churches often see these differences in beliefs as a serious matter but I believe personally God considers these things as trifling issues. My advice is follow the Spirit to wards that of love and whatever you believe I am sure your not far wrong in God's eyes. It is good to hear from you.

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Hi Cymbaljack,


Being able to recognize error in ones life and beliefs is both painful and freeing. It's okay to be 'wrong' if one can even be guilty of such a thing? Being able to admit that one doesn't know is powerful medicine for us all. You were really never alone on your journey and i for one am so glad you are taking the time to rest with us here as we all move forward on our individual journey in cooperation and assistance toward each other.



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