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WHY? Part II



This story we call life's story of which there are many individual stories within that story, has a design obviously designed by its creator that to many seems at times to not be under our control or one could say according to the wishes of "i". In fact, many of the things this "i" may place labels on such as acts of God, undisirable situations, needless suffering, atrocious acts of other i's and more seem to make little sense for our description and perception of a loving God.


When i look around me at the rest of creation, i see a natural order to things. I perceive it is filled with life and death and struggles for all of creation. Yet in all of this, one can see an interrelationship between it all. Even for humans, life would not be possible here except for the presence of such mundane things like bacteria and oxygen creating plants and a myriad of other things necessary for existmnce for this story of life to take place. One seemingly part, giving up its life for another, in a continuous and sometimes vicious looking battle for survival. Yet at the same time from the majority of creation excluding mankind, no such judgement, complaints or questions are heard. But mankind, with a perceived unique ability to think and reason and taste of the concept of knowledge of "good and "evil" and all the judgments (perceived opposites), fears and perceptions it entails has so immersed itself in that role that has been created for it, that it has taken on its own identity. An identity that perhaps by design is unconscious of that which it is and the knowlege of that which is creating and sustaining it.


Perhaps part of our problem in understanding things is our inability to see past this perceived identity as "i" or "self". Perhaps it would be worth suggesting that all this experiencing phenomenon is nothing more than phenomenon with a connection to who/what "I" really am. Perhaps that "I" is consciousness/awareness itself which is not in reality subject to birth and death but can only experience this thing called life and its story vicariously through this phenomenon we call "i". Perhaps it is this "I" in connection with all other "I" that writes the script and works out the story. Perhaps death and suffering and pain are an integral part of the story and its experiencing all of the possibilities that life in this world as designed can contain. Perhaps life is more like a movie with each distinguishable consciousness so immersed in their part that the experience seems so permanent and real that the role itself takes on this "i" of its own, and separate from that which is orchestrating its story. The orchastrator continually creating new circumstances not dictated by the desires and subjective judgements of this "i" but rather by the free will responses and reactions of the "i" to those circumstances. The end result of the story and the goal of many religions being for the "i" to awake to the creator/reality of the story in effect by its choices which serve to 'peel away' all false views, positions and judgments of others and itself (renewing its mind)to allow itself to be transformed into a new being and a new creation, in a new world, where the former things have passed away and only "I" remains. This new being in reality not really being "new" per se at all, but rather being more a realization of what always is.


One may ask, "It is fine and dandy that one evolves into some 'higher Self' or becomes more like its creator but what does that do for the rest of the world and creation and its continual groanings in pain and suffering." Perhaps one must remember, before that can be answered, who or what it is that is asking the question. Is not the world existing as it is designed? And if one becomes or is tranformed more into the likeness of the one who is the designer then will not the will of the designer be the will of he/she for doing in the world ?


While answers to the questions of "Why?" have a show of wisdom and satisfaction to the receptive receiver of such;

While the answers to such questions are a product of the curious nature and insatiable appitite for such of mind;

While all "Whys?" are "self" or "i" constructs and fortifiers of the concept of "i" and each answer generates a myriad of more questions perpetuating the "i";

While there is indeed nothing 'wrong' with questions or even an "i", how is the "i" to die except with the physical death unless or until the question disappears. Yet the question will not disappear except the "i" is extinguished either momentarily or with constance by the brightness of the revealing of God/One. To exist in the One is to exist in Love. To exist in Love is to step beyond the question. To exist in love is to step beyond the "i".


Perhaps i have provided no meaningful answers to those who have questions of "Why?". Perhaps the question is flawed. It seems to me that one cannot see that which is beyond the questions without first asking the questions. And when the questions and answers no longer suffice, may you be apprehended in your search and rest in the confidence of your very being and that which sustains it and is one with it. All this that you might continually experience, the wonder and awe, through all the drama before you, as you play your part in this thing we call life and its story.

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