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Former Roman Catholic Grandpa


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Hello. I'm new to progressive Christianity. I was baptized a Roman Catholic in 1942, and remained in that faith until just over a year ago. I studied for the priesthood for many years. Since 1969, I was a sedevacantist (see Wikipedia) Roman Catholic. Now I have one foot in non theistic Christianity and the other foot in Buddhism. I still love the smells and bells of Catholocism, but that religion just can't be right. I am unchurched.


I live in the western part of the Sonoran Desert, sometimes called the Colorado Desert, in southeastern California. I am a vegetarian and carfree. I have an extensive religion library at home. I am divorced, and raising two grandchildren, a girl 17, and a boy 16. I have been reading John Shelby Spong... it was rough going at first, but now I understand Spong's position. I see truth in his books. I hope to collaborate here.

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Welcome, William,


I look forward to further conversations.


To the rest of us I recommend that you read William's bio on his profile page and visit his website.


He has asked us to do a work camp in Blythe. The website has a picture of the church he would like us to fix up. :D





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