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Hi from the the South Island of New Zealand.


I read the previous introduction where somebody described themselves as a "tortured Christian", which I found amusing. I can relate to that, maybe tormented more than tortured. I am a married 43 year old and father of 3 girls, one of whom is 14 years of age and consequently knows everything there is to know - I'm very lucky.


I am on a journey, as are we all. I was brought up an atheist and once I left home I never gave existence much thought. I have since realised that there is more to life should you choose to go there. I have gone there and now find myself on an seemingly endless quest for knowledge, or something like it.


I would describe myself as a theist of sorts, with Christian leanings. I attend church and sit amongst people who seem so certain and secure in their faith, feeling almost guilty for having questions. The questions are not the sort I can raise in church, or even within a small study group from church, as when I have, judgements have been made about my character by others who had no authority to judge.


I have read a wee bit, the bible, Karen Armstrong, Bishop John Spong, John Crossan, Lloyd Geering - you get the picture.


So, here I am. I hope to read some more whilst here and learn.


Thanks for having me.





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Welcome Paul,


Judgement seems to me like a trap we are all at one time caught in and perhaps still keep to some degree. When we give it up we become free. Perhaps Love is the breaker of that bond. So good to have you here to share.



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Paul I like what you wrote. Those people who are secure in the idea of God hold onto that noun, a thing that gives them comfort, but for us on the journey, God trancends thinking while being present in the thought. Quetions point ot what is transcendent. Happy to have you aboard. Joe

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