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My Guest Member (Limited Posts) Status?

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:blink: Perhaps it's one too many mini éclair's backing up on me however, I was under the impression I was a registered member? I verified my account via eMail and everything.

However, since I joined I've noticed that whenever posting a reply I have a green box at the bottom of that thread that informs me of how many posts I'm permitted to contribute this day until whatever time of day.


I also understand unregistered guests are allowed to post here and I'm wondering if the server has me confused with that?




Thanks. :)

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Hi Angel W,


Unregistered guests are not allowed to post here or view profiles. Avatars that indicate _guest on a post are actually members who moved on and asked that their account be deleted so to erase their profile. You are a a registered member but their are limitations on the number of posts allowed in a 24 hour period. We set it up this way so as to prevent massive spamming by newly registered guests. Nothing personal.



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I'm sure one of the moderators will get with you to explain it, but basically, they do keep a check on new members until they have posted a bit to be sure they are going to be 'nice'. Its one of the ways I guess to limited just how much 'damage' a mean spirited or hateful spammer can do right off the bat throughout the board, lol. Its usual proceedure.


They moderate this board very close and tightly on any kind of abusive or offensive posting....be sure to read the rules and policies well...I dont see any problem with you so far, but they can be very picky picky. I've been called down (usually by private message) a few times myself when my tmeper got the better of me with someone, usally a fundamentalist 'drop in', lol. We are free to express almost any opinion, but it must be 'nice' to others. So if there were to ever happen to you, dont take it too hard, don't be sensitive to their little warnings, its how they keep this board so 'clean', so peaceful and 'safe' for us...I understand why they do it and respect and appreciate it, this is so rare on any board, let alone one related to religion and faith, unfortuantely.



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Thanks for your input Jenell. :)


Well, as of this moment I've seen that little green box decree my allotment in lesser and lesser increments. Set of course by the Admin. here. As of right now, at 4:10 p.m, I had just finished my allotted 3 posts until 3:52p.m. And now am reading I'm permitted to make but two more until 5:04 p.m.


I find that fascinating, given this is a Progressive Christian forum. And yet, as was relayed by JosephM. and as is policy here, all newbies are presumed potentially harmful to the atmosphere of this forum and are yoked in what they are permitted to say, and how often.


When, as I've moderated forums and Administered as well, spammers and flame throwers are easily dealt with when they first strike. Banning!

Whereas, having to curb one's tongue and not show any upset in print, is wholly contrary to anything progressive, in my view. Given of course there's a decorum present as to how that is done.


Rather, it's reminiscent of those forums I've attended that are ultra-right wing conservative. Policing even humor, as a ban worthy offense. Often going so far as to "suspend" an account for a period of time, only to allow the offender back on board after a period of time has lapsed. Tantamount to sending an adult to the corner for being board naughty.

I often wondered, reading that rule of spanking adults in such ways, who would return afterward? Treated as a child, humiliated with a public tag; "Suspended" . Only to then return as the dark sheep now being watched in case of repeated offense.



Thing is, when I first joined I had more opportunity to post more than I have now after all these days.

I've never once demonstrated I am a spammer, probably because I'm not. Nor have I ever shown disrespect. And as that is the case in evidence, rather than gain more trust to post, I'm now being curbed to a lesser allowance.


I don't find that acceptable at all and in fact see it as a dictatorial example in practice, while in promise proclaiming this forum is open to all.


I will bid you all farewell, as attending any forum is a privilege not a right. Which is true and applicable per the Administration of said forum as well and equally so as pertains to the public who make that forum possible, through their patronage.


I wish you all the best.



Blessed Be.

Edited by Angel Whispers
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Hi Angel,


I am most sorry that you have taken our policies here so personal. I have had no private communications with you whatsoever.


All new members are automatically limited to 12 posts in a 24 hour period. The system tracks that as i have better things to do.That restriction is programmed to increase when a poster has reached 500 posts. Perhaps that is a bit high? and i certainly would reconsider lowering that number of posts. Many forums moderate posts before posting until X amount have been reached. We do not moderate posts here. Once enrolled , you are free to post within those parameters without moderator approval or censorship. We do have an automatic banning in place and we have been getting recently 5 to 10 a day.


I am particularly sorry that you have any feelings of being yoked in how much you have to say or that you feel we are being unprogressive in our handling/management of the forum. We certainly do not censor what people have to say but we do limit the quantity and have temporarily suspended, privately warned and in repeated cases publicly warned members concerning behavior. Only 5 members have been banned in the past 5 years excluding the large number of known spammers during signup.


You certainly are not being singled out nor considered a spammer nor have you shown any disrespect.


Angel said..

I don't find that acceptable at all and in fact see it as a dictatorial example in practice, while in promise proclaiming this forum is open to all.

I will bid you all farewell, .......


Obviously our policy has upset you to the point of leaving. You are the first to ever voice a complaint concerning our limited number of posts a day and while it seems an over-reaction to me on your part, your complaint is duly noted and i will consult with my moderating team to consider if any adjustments need be made in our operation.



JosephM (as Admin)

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After reviewing your complaint with some of our participating team members, it seems to me as one who has been assigned the responsibility for the operation of this forum that our rule as it stands is a reasonable one. Contrary to your charges, your posting was never " being curbed to a lesser allowance" and your behavior here was never questioned nor were you limited in what you said in your posts or censored in any of your content. Perhaps your response was impulsive as it now after re-reading seems impetuous toward us over such a small matter (an existing rule never before protested) that was never directed toward you personally.


While you are most welcome to stay and speak that which is on your mind within the boundary of our existing rules, if you still see in your heart the administration of this forum "as a dictatorial example in practice, while in promise proclaiming this forum is open to all" that would to me make little sense. Furthermore, if you find our policy unacceptable over limiting the quantity of posts to 12 in a 24 hour period and after some thought and reconsideration of our response, still feel as stated in your post ABOVE, it may indeed be best you do bid us farewell and allow us to wish you the best and hope that you find more of what you are looking for on your journey in another community/forum.


In my experience, true freedom as someone else commented here is not always getting what one wants but rather being able to accept things as they are. The decision to stay or leave is yours to make. Either way, your participation has been welcome and if continued will continue to be welcomed.


JosephM(as Admin)

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I am not sure of the purpose of the message # limit. I can see the need to limit folks who are trying to sell me property in Fla. but if the worry is people who might be abusive ... I think thats a stretch. I can be plenty offensive in only a message or two. ( this is an attempt at a bit of humor)


I also might add that when I first wondered here I too was bothered by the restrictions of strength of postings. I have come to understand a bit better that each forum has to understand its purpose and be unapologetic for its maintenance. I think this forum does this quite well.



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Just my two bob's worth, I think limiting the number of posts to say 12 in a 24hr period works quite well from the point of view that you then don't get hammered on every thread by somebody with a strong opinion and wants to keep on pushing it. I know I am pretty self-conscious when sometimes I get busy and end up posting on most threads, only to see my face against every thread topic! I think the limit to the number of posts allows others a chance to participate without making the thread unwieldly and difficult to keep track of.


And from my experience to date of what I have seen, I think the moderators give participants every opportunity to freely participate in the threads, with what I would say is a reasonable degree of lattitude. I wouldn't like to see a completely open forum where people are free to abuse, denigrate, or frankly say whatever they want. I can get that elsewhere, which is why I choose to enjoy this forum instead. I sincerely enjoy the degree of civility experienced here from people with such a diverse range of views and opinions, which I don't think we would get if it was a free-for-all type of forum.

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Paul and Jim,

Thanks for your input on the matter. The other moderators concur with your view that it more a positive than negative feature as implemented. I was sorry to lose a member over it but i guess we can't please all.




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