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I actually decided to join because the pastor of my church is starting a study series on what means to be a progressive christian. I was looking over the 8 points which led me to the discussion boards. All I can say is that I am a struggling Christian who is a little wary of any label, or group. I try to read different views across the spectrum of Christian thought, from reformed conservatives and fundamentalists to the most "radical" progressives. But at the same time, I try to really discern what scripture has to say and keep my doubts and comments to God instead of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I have to admit that I am most wary of Christian thought when it seeks, unintentionally or not, to throw out the baby with the bathwater. I respect all opinions but pick and choose who I can openly say I agree with. I try and keep Jesus the center of it all and try not to question the veracity of the Bible too much and buy too much into more modernist or post-modernist concepts of theological thought. I try to retain the mystery that is God, come to ponder more about what a "personal relationship" with Jesus is and really experience that like I do the relationships I have with my wife, my friends, and my family, and respect the mystery that pervades the scriptures, with the creation, the incarnation, the resurrection, and the second coming, without explaining them away to prove they really happened or are just myths created.

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Welcome matt,


Sounds like you have taken a healthy approach to your journey. One step at a time. There is never a requirement to agree or disagree with ones view here and you are free to share your thoughts as you progress on your path. We do not espouse any real doctrine or dogma that needs to be accepted to be a member except to love one another and to behave accordingly.



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Matt, If I might ask, what materials and format is your pastor using in his class on Progressive Christianity? You and I seem to have a lot in common in our view of traditional church. I would be interested in talking more about your church experences.




ps welcome

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