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I've been reading on this site for a while and decided to become involved in the online community here. I'm not sure where to begin... I'm a grad student in Tennessee studying research psychology. My undergrad was at a Pentecostal college in a small town and while it was a good education, I have been left with many many questions. Over the past year or so I have ad a major crisis of faith and I feel like the harder I search for answers the less I have. It almost feels like my beliefs have been dissolved. It's hard because there's no one I can talk to who understands. Everyone who I try to talk to thinks I've let myself be too exposed to the world or something, and becomes worried for my soul.


Sorry for beginning so heavily, I found this site and thought it might provide some answers, or at least some resources on how to find those answers. That's pretty much me!

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Welcome psychsteph22,


Not to heavy at all. What you are going through is not uncommon. Its especially hard because it includes breaking free of the herd instinct and also all that has been programmed into us by years of traditional Christian evangelism. Hope you find comfort and rest here in your journey.



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psychsteph22, Greeting to the Spirit within you and may you share the thoughts that it brings to you. Congratulations on being a spiritual light to yourself to deepen and expand your relationship with God.

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