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I first saw a reference to visual artist Louie Schwartzberg on an Evolutionary Christianity site, and have enjoyed watching his videos ever since. Louie is a cinematographer, director and producer whose films celebrate the beauty of nature and cultivate a sense of wonder. Watching and listening helps me feel more thankful and open-hearted, and the warmth and color of the images are a welcome reminder that the short cold days of winter will give way to spring. This 6-minute feature on “Happiness revealed” begins with a child talking in her own terms about exploring with imagination. The rest of the narrative is by David Steindl-Rast, senior Benedictine monk and author who has studied with Zen teachers, worked with Thomas Merton, and participated in Buddhist-Christian dialogues. His inspiring words combined with the photography and background music create a moving meditation on presence, connectedness, and gratitude for the simple things in life.





Sermon posted for and compliments of Rivanna (Karen) by JosephM

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