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Snippets From The Universal Reconciliation Library Of Rodger Tutt


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Snippets from the Universal Reconciliation library of Rodger Tutt can be read here




So far there are four pages of them.

I have many more to post at the rate of one per day.

Hope you enjoy them.


From Rodger Tutt in Toronto, Canada


From one of your snippets:


“By insisting on an interpreted translation of a Greek word, would you have the vast majority of men damned to an everlasting torture in order that you may feel quite sure that your timid soul will sit and sing itself away in everlasting bliss?"


I quite agree that it is absurd to claim that the G-d of the Bible is at once merciful and forgiving, yet maintains a 24/7 human barbeque pit.


Thanks for sharing your snippets and welcome to the Forum.



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