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Merry Christmas Everyone


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My Christmass Eve did NOT go as I'd anticipated or planned....Overall, quite an odd day, many unexpected situations and events for many around me the past day, all that seemed chaotic yet at once as if there has been a "greater power" determined to get some "work" done in some involved. After a day already far awry in every schedule I or anyone else thought we has lined out, and a much much later start home than I could even have imagined, the closing act was certainly not anticipated. For one such as I that suffers moderate night blindness to begin with, driving alone, caught up in fast moving heavy Houston suburb freeway traffic late late at night on Christmass Eve in a pouring rain is not when one would chose as the most convenient time for the windshield wipers on your vehicle to fail. :( Loooong story.


Been home now about 45 minutes, winding down, before heading for bed. It is presently 6:05 am Christmass morning.

And to all, a good night!



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Thanks Pete ad the same wishes to everyone. Just got off of Skype watching the grandchildren open their presents back in KY and now at my in laws in FL ready to enjoy our traditional Christmas breakfast with that side of family and then on to my side for a large dinner. All diets are off for the day... :D


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