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Rick Perry Rebuttal - Youtube


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Australia is a little different to America when it comes to religion and politics. For one, we have an openly confessed Atheist for Prime Minister and it isn't a hangup for the majority of the population. Also, our politicians do seem to go to extraodinary lengths not to let their religous beliefs define who they are from a political standpoint. We do have some smaller fringe groups that stand on 'Christian values', but these are poorly represented in our Federal Parliament (i.e. not a lot of people vote for them).


So it's quite different to see ads from the US such as the likes of Rick Perry espousing his Christian beliefs to win voters (I don't mean that cynically - I'm sure he probably does believe what he says). Personally, I feel dissapointed that his views aren't aligned with what I hope religion can achieve, but he's entitled to his opinions. The two girls who created this Youtube link seem to share my feelings.


I simply share this link because I really like their message and I hope one day maybe all of us can feel this way, whether we're religous believers or not.



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I saw this yesterday and thought it was really great. Bravo to those girls for standing up for what they believe in, and for showing that the Christian community is not just a bunch of Rick Perry clones! I hope one day to see more people accept homosexuality and gay rights, and perhaps even have more groups see it as a Christian stance to support those rights.

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